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Let Us Share in Your Journey!

We are a church without borders, extending our arms of friendship to you, wherever you are in your geographical, life or spiritual journey. We will always listen, supporting and offering encouragement where we can.  We are a 24/7 church: not just for Sundays.

As Christians we live our lives through the example of Jesus: in our homes, in our work place, in our relationships and in our community where we live. On a Sunday we come together to share in friendship, worship and prayer. For many of us this helps us to tackle the week ahead knowing that Jesus walks beside us.

We enjoy sharing in the Christian life of other churches, supporting and encouraging together throughout the year. We are regularly well attended at our many events.

We will be pleased to see you one Sunday; come and be a part of our friendly, relaxed and welcoming church family.

News / Events

Ecumenical Group Meeting
to be held on Thursday 8th September 2016
Idols, contemporary and biblical.
What does the bible teach? How can we
recognise, and avoid, contemporary idols?
To find out more download the poster (PDF).


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